Volunteer Coordinator


Do you have the time to call people?

Do you enjoy working with people?

Are you organized?

Are you connected with community groups?


A Volunteer Coordinator (VC) is needed to help attract and organize our volunteers.  We are blessed with many volunteers with different skills and available times, the VC would arrange the right volunteers for each task and help us all show our volunteers how much we appreciate all that they do.   


We couldn’t do any of this without our volunteers.  And as we grow as an organization, we also grow in our need for caring, talented individuals to help us out.  If you are interested in joining our team, please see below for descriptions of our committees and areas where we need help.  If any of these meet your skill set or interest, please contact us using the form on our “Contact Us” page and let us know how you would like to help.

Book Finders


Do you like to visit library book sales?

Do you like to find books at garage sales?

Are you motivated to initiate a book drive at your church, school, or place of work?

Could you talk with bookstores and publishers about donating books to A to Z Literacy?


Books are at the center of everything we do! Book Finders are needed to increase our supply of books that are shipped to impoverished areas. Book Finders actively search out people, businesses and organizations to host book drives to replenish our supply of children’s books.


Book Sorters


Are you good at sorting materials?

Do you like to chat with friendly folks?

Do you like to see all the different kinds of books we ship to kids in Zambia?

Are you available for an hour or two once a month?


We take great pride in sending third world culturally appropriate books to the kids in Africa. Book sorting is necessary to accomplish this goal.  Book Sorters thoughtfully comb through the stacks of donated books to decide which books best meet the needs of children we serve.


Book Recyclers


Do you consider yourself green?

Do you believe recycling is important?

Do you like to help other local organizations?

Do you believe giving is full circle?


With so many books donated, some are just a bit too American for our little friends in Africa. These books are perfect for American kids and have been loved by others who passed them on to us. We want to honor the donation by giving again. Book Recyclers find other worthy nonprofit organizations or groups working with children to pass on these great books.




Do you know anything about shipping and logistics?

Are you interested in finding the best way to get a container to Zambia?

Are you connected to someone who has shipped to Africa before?

Do you have time to make phone calls to logistic companies and follow up with possible shipping options?


Getting materials to land-locked Zambia is difficult. We have been fortunate that our boxes of books have made it safely to Zambia in M-Bags through the USPS. M-Bags are a bit expensive, so we would like to try for a 20 foot shipping container in 2011. There are companies out there that are successful in shipping to Zambia, it is just a matter of finding them.


Communication Committee


Are you a creative, imaginative person?

Do you have a background in marketing, advertising or public relations?

Do you possess strong communication skills?

Do you enjoy working with print and online media?


If so, we would love to have you be part of the A to Z Literacy Movement Communications Committee.  This committee is responsible for the development of our printed marketing materials; brochures, newsletters and posters.  We also assist other committees with events and promotions.  In addition, we maintain the A to Z blog, web site and Facebook page.  This is an exciting time to be part of the communications committee as we build A to Z.  Please join us and help our efforts.   


Do you have experience with fundraising?
Do you enjoy working together on events?
Are you organized?
Are you connected with community groups?

Along with receiving quality books, raising the funds to get them to the kids that need them in Africa is the heart of what we do.  Your ideas and abilities in this area are exactly what we need!  
Donate books
Donate money
Donate time